We are different and so are our nutrition needs. Signutra®
provides a diverse range of products customized for different
ages and life stages

Signutra® is a part of the UK Modi Group of Companies. After successful disruptions in varied industries like Beauty, Food, Alco Beverage, Manufacturing and Personal Care - UK Modi Group has ventured into the challenging space of Nutrition through Signutra®.

Signutra® products are customised for India and are manufactured in the State Of The Art Factories Based In Modinagar, India.



Lactose intolerance is the inability to fully digest sugar (lactose) in dairy products.

If after consumption of milk, your child suffers from Diarrhea, Gastritis and/or stomach cramps. Your Child could be Lactose Intolerant.

Kindly consult a Pediatrician to know more