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Contains 38 nutrients that help with


Triple blend of casein, whey, & soy protein isolate (SUPRO®) along with Vitamin D & Calcium helps in bone growth of children.


Contains Vit C, Zinc, Vit A and other micronutrients that aid in boosting immunity to reduce infections in children.


DHA enriched formulation with Iron that helps in Brain Development in growing children.


Dual strain of Probiotics accompanied with Dual fiber helps make Groviva®easy on a child’s gut.

Formulated by
Global Experts

Groviva® is a flagship brand of Signutra®. Formulated by a team of global expert with years of hardcore nutrition experience, Groviva® is developed in co-operation with a global health and nutrition Fortune 500 company based in the USA. Signutra® products are custom made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensuring only the best quality ingredients are used.

Why Choose Groviva®

High Protein


Contains Triple Blend Protein with PDCAAS$ 1 that helps build and maintain vital tissues like bones & muscles to support growth.

Dual Probiotics & Dual Fiber

Adequate Dual Strain Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM & Bifiobacterium lactis HN019); Insoluble & Soluble fiber help in easy digestion of Groviva® & support bowel movement.

High DHA


Adequate consumption of DHA along with Iron helps supports normal Brain Development.

4 Yummy Flavours


Groviva® is available in everyone’s favorite Chocolate, Vanilla along with Mango and
Strawberry for that delicious fruity twist.

2 Scoops – 2wice/day

Add 2 levelled scoops, twice daily in milk/water along with regular diet. Continue usage for 6 months for best results.

ICMR Compliance


Meets Regular Dietary Allowance (RDA) as per Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Guidelines set for Indian children (2010).

The Recipes

Chocolate Lassi

Strawberry Punch

Mug Cake

Vanilla Kulfi

Banana Smoothie

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