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Parenting needs us to be at our 100%, at all times. The best of education, the best of learning, the best of toys, and of course, the best of nutrition. They all make for a happy and fulfilling childhood, with the promise of a holistic growth. But just how important is nutrition to a child? Let’s find out!

Giving Whats Good Giving Whats Good
Giving Whats Good Giving Whats Good

During their early years, children undergo rapid growth. On an average, in their pre-adolescent stage, children experience a height increase of 6 – 7 cm and weight increase of 1.5 – 3 kg every year. The brain reaches half its mature weight by the time an infant is six months old, and 90% of its final check with Medical by the age of eight years.

Despite marginally different growth patterns, proper nutrition ensures that a child realizes his or her growth potential and develops into a mature, well-nourished individual.

Growth Milestones
Kids Nutrition Kids Nutrition

Eat, Play, Learn, Sleep

Every child needs four pillars that helps in his or her growth and development.



Nutritionists recommend that children should eat five times a day.

  1. Children who eat a balanced diet lay the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle
  2. Children require good amount of carbohydrates and fats for energy. Therefore, it is very essential to give them a daily intake of energy rich foods as whole grains (wheat, brown rice), nuts, vegetable oils, vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits like banana2
  3. Children with a higher diet variety are less fussy and generate higher interest in food.3

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Benefits of Eating Right:

  • Benefits of Eating Right

    Good quality protein sources are Milk, soy, lentils, Pulse,lean Meat, Egg, Fish, Curd
    Benefits : Bone growth, muscle mass , height & weight gain.

  • Benefits of Eating Right

    Dietary Fiber
    Whole grains (cereals, oats) Fruits, Vegetables
    Benefit : Reduces constipation, improves gut health and immunity.

  • Benefits of Eating Right

    Flax seeds, walnut, green leafy vegetables, Rajmah and Black Chana
    Benefits : Supports brain development, Improves concentration and learning.

  • Benefits of Eating Right

    Yogurt, Nutritional supplements, Buttermilk
    Benefits : Good bacteria for intestinal health & immunity.

  • Benefits of Eating Right

    Milk, Chana, Spinach, Soy bean, Almond
    Benefits : Bone & teeth health.


The fun times are even better, when your child shows growth and understanding. All kinds of play, whether indoors or outdoors should be encouraged for children.

  1. Playing helps with brain development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. This process helps with the development of fine and gross motor skills.
  2. Fine motor skills are actions such as being able to hold a crayon or pencil. Gross motor skills are actions such as jumping or running.
  3. Play also helps your child to develop language and social skills.
Play Play
Eat Eat


The sharpest minds in school owe it all to good nutrition and quality teaching. Children learn to memorize, understand, reason, and develop problem solving skills at school.

According to the psychologist Lev Vygotsky, the way children learn is by internalizing the activities, habits, vocabulary and ideas of the members of the community in which they grow up.

learn learn


The rest, as they say, is better when you’re tired. Sufficient sleep is important for children to recharge their batteries.

It helps in building memory during the day and helps a child feel energetic and ready for a day’s challenges, both physically and mentally.

Sleep Sleep
Sleep Sleep
Kids Nutrition Kids Nutrition

Children are vulnerable to diseases and sickness as their immunity system is at a development stage. It is vital for children to have good immunity, to help them combat illnesses and infections.

  1. Children diet should include Vitamins (A, B, C, E) and micronutrients like iron and zinc, which builds immunity.
  2. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps build strong immunity.
  3. Probiotics also play a vital role in a child’s good health. These good bacteria help build strong immunity.
  4. Foods rich in iron like spinach, legumes and nuts are good for immunity, while curd is rich in probiotics which makes for a healthy gut.
Forging Immunity

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